Concentrator solar cooker 

The concentrator solar cooker works exclusively with solar energy. It doesn't need electricity to fuel it. It uses a principle that has been known since ancient times, namely the transformation of solar energy into thermal energy (heat) through the concentration of sunrays. The device consists in a lens, 1m2, that concentrates the sun's rays in a small area where a box of solid salt is placed. Subjected to high heat, the salt passes from a solid to a liquid state, storing the thermal energy. The salt is easily available and definitely not carcinogenic. In addition, there is a characteristic that makes it perfect for the concentrator solar cooker: it acts like a battery. In fact, as long as temperature remains high (400° C) it remains a liquid, and after once the heating process is finished the temperature of 400°C can be maintained for several hours.

In short, the concentrator solar cooker designed by AFNonlus has unique properties. First, it allows cooking both during the night or when there is not much sunlight. Moreover, once the salt reaches melting point, the temperature is maintained providing the right conditions for cooking. The device is of compact size and is not affected by externa agents, such as wind.